Jun 14, 2013

TwistNet Concept Evolves to "Audiate"

My previous "TwistNet" concept has become a new project in itself: Audiate (which meas imagination for music). It would allow a user to stream their audio output and listen to other users via Wi-Fi. This can make mini stations in public settings, or by switching your speaker "on", can create a sound system out of several phones and Bluetooth speakers. Everyone can hear the music now, as each phone would be playing it in sync.
The home screen for broadcasting:
And the Listening Page...
Right now these are non-working sketches, I did these in a week of spare time. Currently working on how users would suggest  songs within the circle and change who has the privilege to play a song. I also think motion will play an important role, I'm experimenting with animating the UI. It has to be beautiful, universal, and I want it to be big... We'll see what happens.

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