Aug 8, 2013

Where I Believe Chromecast is Heading.

     I think devices will soon be communicating collectively. Google's chromecast allows a user plug a dongle into their tv and control it from their smartphone. I imagine it will soon spread to multiple dongles communicating with your game system, and dvd player. This would allow a unified interface, or a platform where hardware makers could build apps to interact with their products. Essentially you could use your DVD player on your Tablet, or control your DVD player (on your TV) from your tablet. Simple. Unified.
 Maybe it's a wireless HDMI protocol, but there needs to be an easier way to connect devices. There also needs to be a cloud based platform that can change as devices change, and make it easier to develop apps. Miracast did some interesting things with a streaming screen output, but ultimately Chromecast will need to develop into its own platform. So many companies are organizing content (Netflix, Amazon...) on the android platform, All Google needs to create is a place to present and organize content on a TV (especially from a phone). There also needs to be a HUGE rethink on how content gets to our screens, but more on that later.   Grumpycat used without permission. For Presentation purposes only.

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