May 11, 2014

X-Ray Experementation

 A little experimentation with a laboratory x-ray machine. Done with a digital camera and a luminescent pad. This is a 2013 Jawbone Jambox X-Ray:
 Here's an X-ray of a military issue Sidewinder Flashlight.
This is an X-ray of a Casio Commando 2011 Verizon. It is the best built phone I have had to date. Notice the structural plastic frame surrounding it.
 Lastly an X-ray of a 2014 Nexus 7 Tablet. Notice the lack of a rigid frame, this is because manufacturers can sell more of a low-cost, high power device. The focus has moved from a well built device, to a cheaply made one with excessive computing power. Moore's Law in industrial design  is show below in the lack of surrounding structural support:
Special thanks to Ted Kinsman.