Mar 19, 2013

Music Touch Interface

This concept is based on playlist creation, and making selecting music easier. Instead of typing a keyword and searching for a station, playlist or song, this is just one touch.

 The feature would allow one's music library (or stream services' library) to be represented as a graph. Each circle represents a categorized genre, diameter representing amount, and opacity increasing as play counts go up. Much of the layout would be the program learning from simply what's in your library, and what you listen to.

When a finger is tapped on the graph, the computer averages songs in the vicinity and creates a playlist based on that. You would be able to save playlists or simply "+" it. The program learns the rest. Of course motion graphics would  make the interface stunning. (Giving it have live feedback from a mobile accelerometer could give the UI a stunning 3D look to it)

I found variety in an especially large music library difficult too achieve without shuffling. This would add variety as each time would be different, and make streaming a lot more interesting. App makers need to look at a whole new way to think about music. iTunes has been getting closer with genius, but music libraries needs to be more interactive,  more mobile, more colorful. Too bad I don't know how to program.

Project: User Interface
Client: Personal
*Special thanks to Bill Finan for helping me categorize layout.

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