Mar 14, 2013

"TwistNet" Concept

        TwistNet is a concept I sent to doubleTwist, who makes a great music app for android. I don't think they'll fly with it but It's a cool concept. It's centered around the idea that you can create your own "station" where your audio output can be shared with your buddies via bluetooth. This would make multiple phones into one big speaker, or a whole room (or bus or subway car) into many interactive listeners. Now everyone can enjoy a single person's music.
Listeners can suggest songs, or be given "DJ" privileges by the "DJ".
I've also been thinking a lot on  shareable music libraries where friends can add, share, and listen. We're moving to an age where every person has a computer in their pocket. It's kind of fun to think about how that will effect how we listen. I'm asking whats next? [doubleTwist logo used without permission, property of doubleTwist corporation]

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