Nov 20, 2013

The Perfect Music App Interface

I aspire to build the perfect music player. One that brings music interaction into 2014. This draft outlines an app that would become the best music player, but also play music in sync across many devices. Users could create mini-radio stations, or turn up their speakers for a cell phone concert. This is an early draft and proof of UX concept.

I was working with a group in England to make this a reality. After a month of multiple inquiries and hearing nothing back, I have concluded they are a tad clouded in their beliefs on the future. The following drafts are all by me with minimal direction. I have omitted any material that is theirs (which isn't much).

 Android is lacking a beautiful, powerful, unified music app. No one seems to want to build one that brings music into 2014. Version 2 of this draft is even better... but more on that later.

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