Aug 27, 2015

An experiment in Bitcoin

The problem with modern cryptocurrency is that it is quite intangible to the average person. In order to see widespread adoption, Bitcoin must be made simple to understand. Normally, the currency is transferred by a string of text [or a private key]. Most people can't understand that a string of text can hold value, people need something physical to associate that value with.

I along with two colleagues designed a physical version of Bitcoin. Many attempts have been made, but this was the simplest (and most attractive) we could conceive. A database has been designed  to handle the wallet generation, alongside the creation of QR codes and unique identifiers.  Each "coin" is unique and any value can be associate with each "Coin". My role was to create the designs, and layout the several hundred unique "coins" for print.

A fun experiment in product design! I hope to see these end up all over the world!

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