Jan 22, 2017

Natana Update

Logotype and repeater station 1km from slum
Natana is an experiment to drastically reduce the cost of internet access by enabling anyone to deploy and maintain carrier grade infrastructure. This test in a slum of Bangalore connected around one hundred people to a base station, feeding off a relay, connected to my house:
It turns out that one can build internet from found bamboo and PVC.
Interestingly enough, the villagers can maintain the last mile infrastructure for many months at a time. The microwave link and Wi-Fi antenna in the slum are solar powered:
Their 100AH lead acid battery + charge controller can power their phones, which they normally pay ~10 Rs to charge. These payments can pay for equipment, and backbone access:
This relationship between internet and energy just might enable the poorest 4 Billion humans get online.