Jul 17, 2013

Audiate is Dead. The Future is in the Mesh!

My previous project, Audiate (previously Twistnet) has been parallel-developed by a British start-up, SoundSynk. We both coincidentally created the concept in February (without either having knowledge of each other), the students created a working prototype in 40 hours. They're connecting phones via Bluetooth to play audio all at once. It's fascinating that unbeknownst, we arrived at the same conclusions on how phones should connect into an aggregated sound system.

 The proper term is Mesh Network. A mesh network uses each mobile to receive and re-transmit a signal. I'd like to see it develop into a pirate radio like system for music, or even a social network.

I think it will be the future of data movement between phones. SoundSynk has huge potential, our similar concepts have been part of my life for almost 6 months now. Imagine the possibilities of social interaction where these "impromptu" meshes spread city-wide. I have so many ideas, I hope they're open to future collaboration! 

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