Aug 27, 2013

An Alternative to Time Warner's Screen Saver

People respond hugely to a brand's experience. Time Warner Cable seems to understand this the least. Instead of my TV going into a quiet "sleep screen" when I brake from watching, it goes into this "preview-loop mode" in which a horrifically repetitive music plays as an Arian voice relays how great Time Warner Cable is. This is annoying and degrades their brand experience. Berg London was going some interesting things on how unused surfaces such as a blank TV or computer screen can be used to relay relevant information. It's Time Time Warner gets their head out of a hole and into the 21st century.
TWC's whole interface needs to be revamped, but I decided to start with something small  that would be seen and used every day. It's all about the little things, and people pick up on that. It time for us to stop hating the cable companies and a lot of that starts with the User Experience.

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