Aug 13, 2013

Tommorow's Luxury Motorcycle

Based on a concept I drew up when I was 13 or so. It explores the use of spherical tires, which has been done before. I went all out with design, to make it as luxurious, and expensive as possible. 
It would be powered electrically (battery packs gold), and the tires would be driven magnetically with pulsing eddy currents. A main supercomputer would power the vehicle, as two counter-spinning brass gyroscopes would keep the bike upright.

The frame elongates hydraulically based on speed. The bike would use sensor data to fit the seat, frame, and grips to each rider's body. This would be sweet applied to a sports car or expensive bike. In other words, the bike's frame would change shape depending on speed, condition, and rider ability. Done in Ai + Photoshop today and yesterday. Will likely add more details if I create 3D model.

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