Dec 1, 2013

A Replacement for Micro USB

   Most droid users hate their chargers. I do. In fact, the Micro USB port is usually the first part to fail on a smartphone. I've been exploring a solution. This is similar to Apple's lightning port, but with 5 USB pins. This would eradicate the tiny, fragile parts on a standard micro USB port and greatly lengthen the life of a charger and the port. [Motorola Logo Copyright 2013 Motorola Mobility]
The design would be a multi-step over-mold to form a rigid, sturdy part. Motorola logo property of Morotola Mobility, used without permission. Update 12/6/2013: Letter from the corporate idiots at USB:
The USB-IF received your message. The USB-IF does not review, comment on or provide feedback for unsolicited designs or drawings.

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