Dec 9, 2013

The Thinnest Fan/Heater in the World

Utilizing an extruded aluminium wing, this fan/heater design is the thinnest in the world. The concept is based on Dyson's "Air Multiplier" fan that does the same thing in a circular cone shape. Air shoots out of the sides, creating a negative pressure, and accelerating the air around it forward. The result is that several times the amount of air that goes in the intake, comes out from the blade.
Above is a graphical cutaway of the wing. It might not work as well as Dyson's design (as his utilizes air expanding in a cone to accelerate air) , but it would certainly look cool. A heating coil could run down the middle and heat the air coming out. Note: I know very little of aerodynamics, I just know how to make cool graphics. Done in Solidworks and Photoshop.

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