Aug 10, 2014

A Protective Bumper Case For Project Ara

I generally frown upon putting a case around a phone. A smartphone should inherently be designed  to be indestructible. In 2011, Casio released a line of military-spec phones that I x-rayed in an earlier post. It was truly liberating knowing my old device could photograph under water, bounce off cement, even be thrown into fires, and never break. This device, built almost 5 years ago is still booting up smoothly: It's speakers are also louder than most...
 But today, as devices become outdated more quickly, most manufacturers invest in computing, cameras,  and screens. Companies neglect basic durability and waterproofing. An iPhone is a good example: poor development iPhone 5c didn't last me three weeks!
When Project Ara releases this fall, keeping the device safe will be important. This concept I created utilizes a plastic shock absorbent bumper. This is wrapped around the phone to keep modules in place,  and dirt and dust out. It features a unique design to allow access to Ara's buttons hidden beneath the case. Prototype image:

As we learn more about inputs, such as charging and headphone jacks, the form of the case will accommodate. Fully waterproofing the device could be achieved through custom, 3D printed cases. If ARA is truly going to connect the next 3 billion, It will have to survive in all climate conditions. I want a device that I can take swimming, hiking, travel the world with. Maybe even hand down to my future children.  The way current products are built, that will rarely ever happen. I'm here to change that.

**Further Sketching:

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